This memorable evening will honor the courage it takes to heal, hope and uplift our children.
Join the CARES movement to transform lives with love!

Dr. Trisha Bailey

Despite experiencing terrible violence as a youngster, Trisha Bailey went on to become a college track star, wildly successful entrepreneur and real estate mogul. Owner of 16 companies, including the Medicaid provider ranked number 48 among all in the country, the mother of five holds stakes in the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets and Phoenix Suns. Dr. Trisha Bailey, a billionaire and devoted philanthropist, is dedicated to ensuring all of our children know love and opportunity.

Dr. Trisha Bailey

Susan Taylor Batten

President and CEO of the Association of Black Foundation Executives, Susan Taylor Batten fearlessly drives transformative investments into Black communities. Cyber threats and cruel, frivolous attacks on her work haven't damped her devotion to ABFE's mission: ensuring human rights for all! Today, Susan's courage is evermore defining as assaults on Black advancement have height-ened. Steadfast in anchoring ABFE members, she has made the organization a touchstone for wellness and enduring strength.

Susan Taylor Batten

Grace Vandecruze

A licensed sailor and mountaineer who reached 25 summits, including Kilimanjaro’s, Grace Vandecruze, founder of Grace Global Capital, has facilitated more than $25 billion in insurance transactions. After earning an MBA from Wharton, Grace made it her mission to teach wealth-building principles, mentor young people and help vulnerable families-- a profoundly personal undertaking given that her family of nine lived in a shelter after a fire destroyed their uninsured home along with all their possessions.

Grace Vandecruze


The nation is in the throes of a mental and emotional health crisis that is ravaging our young.

The life-altering impacts of the pandemic have caused anxiety, depression and hopelessness to increase beyond the capacity of our healthcare and educational systems to adequately address. No group of children has been impacted by these tragedies more than Black children living in marginalized communities. The impacts of poverty rob our children of secure housing, nutritious food and able adults who can be the consistent presence needed to protect and encourage them.

Because of caring funders, hope does exist. We are responding to the crisis!

We know that there are solutions and that working with our partners, we can magnify the impact of our programming that fosters healing, hope and self-efficacy. National CARES, our honorary co-chairs and our board of directors invite you to an extraordinary gathering as we unite to ensure our children's futures and help build America the Beautiful.

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For The Love of Our Children Gala on FEBRUARY 29, 2024


Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation
Robert F. and Hope Smith Family


Casey Family Programs

Grace Global Capital LLC
Bailey’s Medical Equipment & Supplies


Lawanna Kimbro & Stardust Fund
The Coca-Cola Company


Bank of America
Marva Smalls/Paramount
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
American Urban Radio Networks


JPMorgan Chase & Co
Leslye and Darryl Fraser Foundation
National Hockey League
Georgia Pacific Foundation
Grantmakers for Girls of Color
Bridge 2 Technologies
Quentin Roach & Family
Schott Foundation
Bloomberg Philanthropies
The Colorado Health Foundation
Comerica Bank
Marshalling Resources, LLC
Weiss Family Foundation
Resolution Life US - TDC Group
Howard Stirk Holdings LLC.
The Doctors Company